Howard Energy Corporation
P.O. Box 693
Mt. Carmel, Illinois

Craig J. Howard
President - Howard Energy Corp.


Current Business Activities:

Howard Energy Corp. - Mt. Carmel, IL 1984 - Present - President

Mr. Howard is involved in all phases of the oil exploration, drilling and production operations. This includes consulting, acquisition and supervision. During the past 20 years, he has drilled several wells, coordinated waterflood projects, bought and sold oil production and consulted with all phases of the oil industry.

C. J. Energy - Mt. Carmel, IL 1985 - Present - President

Mr. Howard is responsible for providing well servicing equipment for new and existing wells.

Mt. Carmel East Operating Co., Inc. - Mt. Carmel, IL 1994 - 2000 - Manager

We operated one of the largest waterfloods in the State of Indiana. It took five years to unitize the operations of ten operators and get them to agree to participation factors and terms. The initial investment was paid out in eighteen months and has since been very profitable.

Phoenix Land Company - Fairview Heights, IL 1996 - 1997 - Consultant

The Phoenix land company is a subsidiary of Zielger Coal in the acquisition and participation in the oil and gas industry as they look for ways to diversify. This included review and negotiations for the financial involvement on projects with various operators. Consulted with various operators and banks on operations, aquisitions and sale of properties.

Current Industry Involvement

  • Director and Past President (1992-1994) of the Independent Oil Producers of the Tri-State.
  • Director and Past President (2003-2005) of the Illinois Oil and Gas Association.
  • Member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America serving as Past Director and currently serving on the Exectuvie Committee.
  • Past Chairman of the Midwest Petroleum Technology Transfer Council.
  • Past Member of the Illinois Governor’s Oil and Gas Advisory Board.
  • Board of Directors REPSEA/Member IOGCC-Crude Oil Committee.


Previous Work Experience

1981-1983 Dowell Division of the Dow Chemical Company

  • District Manager in Mt. Carmel, IL
  • Responsibilities included total sales and operations management of the southern Illinois, Indiana, and western Kentucky area. 120+ employees with sales of $1,250,000.00+ per month

1979-1981 Dowell Division of the Dow Chemical Company

  • Service Manager on Leming, Texas
  • Responsibilities primarily included sales and sevice coordination of the stimulation and cementing business in the San Antonio area. Sales were increased from $100,000.00 per month to $500,000.00 per month.

1977-1979 Dowell Division of the Dow Chemical Company

  • District Manager in Plaquermine, Louisiana
  • Responsibilities included service coordinator, sales personnel, safety, start up oilfield services and public relations. 40 employees - 5 states $400,000.00+ per month sales and service

1975-1977 Dow Industrial Service

  • Area Manager
  • Responsibility was the management of the industrial cleaning operation in the North Alabama area. 10 employees - $50,000.00 per month sales. Youngest manager in the company at that time.

1972-1975 Dow Industrial Service

  • Field Engineer
  • Mr. Howard ws a field supervisor and technical representative in the industrial cleaning operation.
  • His 12 years of experience with Dow Chemical has been in many diverse types of operations. He has worked in and with utilities, refineries, petroleum chemical plants, ammonia plants, paper mills, steel mills, food processing companies and smaller industries.


Villanova University in Vilanova, PA - 1968-1972
B.S., Chemical Engineering

Alabama A & M University in Normal AL - 1975-1977